Freight Claims

We're always working with our carrier partners to ensure that shipments arrive intact, but acknowledge that shipments sometimes unfortunately arrive damaged.

The Stock Market must file a freight claim in these scenarios, so it's critical that you report the damage as quickly as possible. For parcel shipments, shipments must be reported within 15 calendar days (includes weekends and holidays). For LTL shipments, shipments must be reported within 5 calendar days.

  • • Remember to thoroughly inspect all of your shipments. Inspections can save you a lot of time and money.
  • • Report damaged shipments to The Stock Market immediately. It is always helpful to return a written statement from the customer with your report.
  • • If you have a camera, take a picture of the damaged item.
  • • If you sign "damaged" and keep the shipment, keep all packaging and make careful notes of the exact damage. Some carriers will send a representative to inspect the damage.
  • • If you refuse the shipment, make sure the problem is noted on the proof of delivery (POD). Then, notify us of the damage immediately.

If material is refused or signed for damaged, reimbursement is typically 100 percent, however, remember that the carrier may not pay if they do not feel they're responsible for the damage.

Concealed Damage

Concealed damage is defined as damage that could not be determined at the time of delivery. The burden of proof is on the consignee to prove that the damage occurred prior to the carrier delivering the material. Print and fill out the Concealed Damage Form to support your claim. Fill in completely with as much detail as possible. Email the form to

Concealed Damaged Form

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